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In the  Present  materialistic-world, everyone  of  us  is  hankering after  worldly pursuits.

It  may  be  noted  that  aspiring  for  materialistic-attainments  is  not  at  all  amoral, but  people usually employ   unfair means  to  reach  their worldly-ends. Thus,  in   order  to  induce amity and  purity, there  is  a  need to  imbibe  religious-teachings  in  the  present academic  program.

Essential features of Bible and Christian Study:

Perspective : It is the ability to understand things in a larger context. Apart from that, it reveals how two opposite things/issues can have commonalities and are integrated.

Knowledge : It is actually, the learning about what God has said and what is worth to be done as per his will.

Conviction : It means strong belief in God. It
consists of moral-values, strong-commitments and motivations. In fact, Conviction is essential for growth, as usually people easily give-up when they are not sure about the success rate of a certain task, about which they are unconvinced.

Skills : It is the ability of doing any task with accuracy. It may be noted, that any particular Skill can only be developed only by actual practice and experience.

Prominent Skills in Bible : Bible study skills, ministry skills, witnessing skills, relational skills and time management skills.

Character : It may be noted that Character-building cannot be accomplished in a classroom. It can be built only with the eventualities of life. Moreover, Character-building is the ultimate-objective of all Christian and Bible teachings.

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