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Accreditation of Colleges and Programs

It  is   actually  a  process of  ensuring  that  a  particular  institution  is  officially authenticated and  at  the same time,  it  clearly states  that  the  institution meets all  the  established  standards and pre-requisites as  prescribed  by  an  expert authority.

Moreover, it  may  be  noted  that  accreditation  is  an  effective  tool   to  see  that  a  particular  organisation or a   particular  program satisfies  all  the  required  quality  standards  as laid down  by  an  autonomous expert authority.

For example, an accredited management  program  should   full-fill  all  the  required established standards prescribed  by the management  profession.

Further,  it  may  be  added
that accreditation process  has  no  role  in  issuing  the  ranks, rather it  is  a  concrete assurance  that  the  particular  institution  meets  the  mandatory and desired  standards.

Types  of  accreditation:

1.Institutional accreditation:  It  is  done  to  ensure  the   total institutional excellence. In fact, it  is  usually conducted  at  the   regional level especially in case of   colleges and universities.

2.Specialized accreditation: It  primarily  focusses  on  the  essential  details  of  the    particular program.

Besides, it  ensures  that  the  curriculum  of  the  particular  program  is  innovative  and  is  framed  as  per  the current trends.

Advantages  of  Accreditation:
  • Accreditation helps the  job-consultants in   selecting the  competent   candidates.
  • Accreditation provides key details  for  registration and certification agencies for checking  the credentials  of  the  applicants.
  • Accreditation offers colleges and universities, a  credible and  a  reliable  procedure to ponder, modify and simultaneously making  the necessary improvements  in the quality of their program.

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